[FQAs ]

Model Making: Frequently Asked Questions

Every project is unique and different, this means that there is no set price for a model. Since the range can be anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands, the best way to find out how much your project would be is to email us your project details to info@marmaramodels.co.uk and we will be able to talk through a quotation with you. Bigger and more complex models naturally will incur a bigger cost. Other factors include things like the level of detail, how complex the lighting in the model is, the kind of materials used and the types of protective coverings.

Absolutely yes! Marmara Models build and send models for clients all over the world and we always make sure to give the highest level of customer service no matter where you are because we know how important your project is to you.

The more information you have the more accurately we are able to give you a quote. Ideally, we would ask for a comprehensive set of drawing plans and photos or renders of the site but understand that this isn’t always possible. If you are at the very early stages of planning, we will have a discussion with you given the information you have available and are able to roughly quote with very little information. The information can be emailed as pdf, dwg, jpg, etc. That is enough for a quote.

However, we would be asking for a full set of architectural drawings, including elevations and sections before build. We would also ask for photos or renders to accurately match textures and colour schemes.

The majority of models are made from high quality modelling plastics. We also have plenty of experience working with a wide range of materials such as wood.

One of the first things we will decide together with you is what the most appropriate scale is for your model. This is a factor of the size of the real-world site, how much space you have for your display, and how much fine detail you want to highlight. We will always discuss scale options with you and talk through each one’s benefits. The higher the scale i.e. 1:10, the more detail we can introduce but it will increase the size of the model and the lower the scale i.e.1:1000 the more of your project and its surroundings you can show but sometimes at the cost of finer detail.

Marmara Models always makes sure that we provide the best customer service by keeping in constant communication, no matter where you are. You can always email or call us to ask for an update. We also make sure to send you photo updates and have frequent design consultations to make sure we are making the best representation of your project. If you are local, you are always welcome to pop down to our studio to see our progress!


You will be well aware of how the model is coming along throughout the entire design and build process, although it is not essential some people do prefer to see the model in person before delivery. Most clients are happy signing off after seeing final photos and videos.

Making sure we get the best quality and most representative model to you is our number one priority, this means we understand that changes can happen at any time during the build for any number of reasons so you can make changes at any point during the build. The only thing to consider is that depending on the change, it may alter the final cost of the model or the delivery date.


Just like with the pricing of the model, there is no set answer because every project is unique. The bigger and more complex the models, the longer they will take to build. Other factors that can increase the time taken include the complexity of the lighting, where the model is being delivered and how many revisions are made during the process. A model can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to reach you.