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The Complete Guide to Model Making Companies and How They Can Help You in Your Next Project

Model making companies help create models for architectural, industrial and creative projects. They use a wide range of materials to create these models like wood, clay, plaster and silicone materials to create slightly different effects. Model makers can be self-employed or work for larger companies. What is Model Making? Model making is a process in […]

model makers

Model Makers

Model Makers are craftsmen that create scale models. They work for various industries like architectural studios and property developers to produce marketing and conceptual models or film industries as a prop maker, and prototypes for products such as mobile phones, speakers, watches, toys etc… What is a model maker called? Model makers are professionals who […]

Architectural Model Making Materials

The selection of architectural model materials depends on different factors. Architectural presentation models are made of more robust and durable materials. The models have been on show for a long time. They can be exposed during the exhibition to sun and dust. The mod-el materials should, for this reason, be robust and the model should […]