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Architectural Model Types

What are types of architectural models?  Architectural models are the designs for making a project visible. While they can be in three-dimension (3D), they can also be represented as two-dimension (2D). There are several types of architectural models, and by knowing them, you can recognize which one is the most appropriate one for your project.  […]

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Model Makers

Model makers produce all kinds of products, from small figurines to life-sized replicas of buildings and landscapes. What is a model maker called? A model maker is a part of model making experts in the 3D design industry.  They work with clients to produce the best possible product for their needs. Modelmakers offer a wide […]

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Architectural Models

Models have an important spot in architecture. The need for models has many reasons. But the most common answer to the ”Why do we need models in architecture?” is that they are the representatives of a project. If you want to find out the other benefits of architectural models, you can learn them by reading […]

Architectural Model Making Materials

The selection of architectural model materials depends on different factors. Architectural presentation models are made of more robust and durable materials. The models have been on show for a long time. They can be exposed during the exhibition to sun and dust. The mod-el materials should, for this reason, be robust and the model should […]